preparing for divorce

A team of professionals, here to help you prepare for divorce.

What happens when a group of like-minded divorce professionals get together and ask how divorcing couples can be better prepared for a divorce?  You get SplitReady.

Divorce touches every part of your life.  From finances to insurance to housing, there is nothing that is not impacted.  Yet, most people jump headlong into the process without taking a critical look at these aspects of their life. We at SplitReady feel that this should be different. We feel that the is a way to educate and prepare you for divorces and to synthesize a plan that takes into account your resources and objectives.  We’re not lawyers, but, as a cadre of divorce specialists, we provide need before meeting with an attorney.

Marya Carey Pleasant

Marya Carey Pleasant

“Divorce ends a marriage, not a family.”

I am a Mediator, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. I am a trained Parenting Coordinator, a Fellow with the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, and have been helping individuals and couples navigate the divorce process for over a decade.

“I co-founded SplitReady because I believe that individuals considering or going through a divorce need better resources. When couples get engaged there are so many sources of information and ideas – there are hundreds of checklists and timelines and websites to help you plan your wedding. What about divorce? We use the internet for EVERYTHING – how to fix things, how to DIY things, what to buy and what other people thought of the product – but not how to plan a divorce. Divorce is an unfortunate reality for many and getting the right resources and making the right plan is crucial. How do you make it through a divorce with your finances, your integrity, and your sanity intact? Our mission is to make information accessible, understandable, and usable to those going through divorce. That’s it – it all comes from a simple question. How can we help?”

Douglas Katz

Douglas Katz

“While no two divorces are the same, there is methodology than can help guide you to meeting your objectives.”

I am a Mortgage Banker and Certified Divorce Lending Professional and mediator. I have been helping people finance their homes since 2002 and, as part of SplitReady, I help people resolve real estate and lending issues related to their divorce.

“I co-founded SplitReady because I realized that divorce is a process which can be planned for and managed for a best possible outcome. I had already been working with many divorcing clients over the course of my career and then one day I had a Road to Damascus moment. My epiphany came when I began to see divorce through the same lens that I approached military planning during my time at West Point and in the Army. I had seen different units use a deliberate and comprehensive planning process to deploy and successfully conduct operations in numerous areas around the globe. This approach clarified objectives and limited uncertainty allowing for the most efficient execution. SplitReady brings this proven approach to divorce by creating an efficient and comprehensive process for you to manage and take control of your divorce.”

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