Getting SplitReady Episode 29.1: Seeing Divorce as Co-creation Versus a Mere Separation

Co-Creation Divorce

What’s holding you back? We’ve heard this saying many times, typically referring to yourself, but it can also be applied to couples. When in a relationship or a marriage, there is a conscious choice to be together and creating love for each other. Same thing for a divorce — the choice is to end a marriage and move on with your life. In this episode, we dive deeper into a healthier alternative approach to divorce as a transition instead of an end.

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, co-founder of the TantraNova Institute, looking at divorce as a conscious choice and learning how to move forward.

Also joining the discussion are Freddy Zental Weaver, co-founder of the TantraNova Institute, Patrick Kalscheur from Kalscheur Conscious Family Law, and Theresa Beran Kulat from Trinity Family Law PC.



Elsbeth Meuth

About Elsbeth

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth is the co-founder of TantraNova Institute, where people come to find fulfillment in their relationships. Born and raised in Germany, she has been practicing in the United States and Europe over the past 30 years. Both best-selling authors, Freddy Zental Weaver and her have been featured on Showtime’s documentary series, Sexual Healing and the Emmy-Award-winning NBC show Starting Over.

Elsbeth holds a Doctorate in Education and Master’s degree in Music. From there, her experience runs deep from being a research fellow at the University of Indiana to training to become an ontological design coach.




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