Getting SplitReady Episode 28.2: Tech Safety and Security During Your Divorce

Tech Safety and Security

Automatically saved passwords, social media data, and even paying with your phone — how safe is this? The sheer amount of information on your electronic devices suggests a breach or hack of your accounts can cause significant and widespread damage. During a divorce or when things are changing, you could be even more vulnerable.

Join us for an engaging discussion with Joseph C. Markovich, CEO of JCMA, Inc and IT expert, about internet safety and security.

Also joining the conversation is Angeline Schuller, a licensed clinical social worker at New Vista Behavioral Health.



Joseph C. Markovich

About Joe

As CEO of  JCMA, Inc., Joseph C. Markovich has 20 years of experience in information technology. He specializes in information security and workflow process solutions for small- and mid-size organizations, helping them scale efficiently and safely.

Joe graduated from Purdue University Northwest with two Bachelor’s Degrees: one in Computer Information Systems Technology and the other in Organizational Leadership and Supervision with a concentration in Human Resources. In his free time, Joe can be found renovating a historic home in downtown Valparaiso, Indiana.




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