Critical Financial and Housing Resources During COVID-19 Outbreak

I wanted to get this information out as a follow up to my recent blog post, Managing Your Finances In Times Of Crisis, where I provided some key steps to weathering crisis like divorce or our current viral disruption.  It is a short read that I am recommending for anyone feeling overwhelmed or wondering what to do.  In it, I recommend six steps and considerations for financial management during a crisis, but I wanted to further inform you by providing some key links to the pertinent organizations, agencies or creditors.  I recommend bookmarking this post for easy future reference. 

Six Steps to Managing Your Finances In Times Of Crisis
  1. Food, shelter and safety come first.
  2. Before you pay (or don’t pay) anything, look at your options.  
  3. Communication is vitally important.  
  4. Budget and declutter to free up cash flow.  
  5. Triage your debt payment.
  6. Realize that some things will be out of your control.
Below is a list of some of the key links and resources for managing your financial situation during COVID-19.

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