Leslie Glazier Answers Five Questions On Going Through Divorce


At SplitReady, we like you to know our pros as well as we do.  We spent some time talking with Leslie Glazier, one of our SplitReady Divorce Pros to learn and share more about herself going through divorce and her practice helping others do the same.

What made you decide to specialize in family law Divorce Real Estate?

After handling many divorce-related listings over the years, it became clear that I could really highlight my value to not only my clients, but the family law community. I knew there was definitely more to learn in order to become a true expert in this niche.

After quite a bit of research, there was surprisingly very little information with regards to how real estate, family law and finance need to work together in the context of divorce. I initially found an online designation (RCS-D, Real Estate Collaborative Specialist- Divorce) which was very interesting, but there was no follow-up, additional training or ability to discuss cases with colleagues. After digging further, I discovered Laurel Starks, Realtor, author and the foremost educator on Divorce Real Estate. After reading Laurel’s book, The House Matters in Divorce, I knew this was the education I had been seeking. The Application qualifications for the CDRE 5-day course in California are set to a very high standard, accepting less than 16 top-producing broker a twice a year.

What makes you unique in helping clients through a divorce?

I have been directly impacted by divorce. My parents divorced when I was young and I, personally, went through a divorce when my two boys were in grade school. I have since remarried and have two more children with my current husband.

My mother and step-father are clinical psychologists and my father, grandfather and brother, attorneys. In college, I gained a double major in real estate and psychology. I have a certain empathy and understanding of what people are going through in divorce. I understand that I am typically meeting them in the middle of their story, usually on their worst days. Also, I am trained to handle high-conflict situations and offer a sound and reasonable approach to my clients. It’s imperative to work as a neutral third party, working for the house, in order to obtain the most amount of money for my clients in the shortest amount of time.

What is one thing clients don’t realize about you?

Clients typically do not know that I have gone through divorce and how much I truly may understand their situation. I have also experienced first-hand being single, remarried, blending families, being an empty-nester and so on. They probably don’t know that I am a ballroom dancer either.

What is the best advice you have ever gotten – or given? Either would be interesting.

Stay in your lane. Be an active listener. Listen and really hear what someone is saying to you.

What do you wish clients knew before they took any action in their divorce?

I always suggest meeting with a financial advisor and lender so they can get a clearer understanding of their current finances. Many times my female clients dig in their heels and are set on keeping the house. I get it, but can they really afford to maintain the home, qualify and pay the mortgage in the future? Meeting with a lender takes the emotion out of the equation and gets people moving forward instead of stuck.

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