Getting SplitReady Episode 19.3: Weaponizing the Kids – The Dangers of Parental Alienation

As the saying goes, “you can divorce your spouse, but you can’t divorce your kids,” which means that divorcing couples with children will need to interact with their ex-spouse well beyond the signing of the divorce decree. For some, a nurturing co-parenting relationship develops. For others, an already dysfunctional relationship continues, and children often become weapons with which to inflict harm. It goes without saying that while this is bad for the ex-spouses, it’s much worse for the children involved.

Join us for an engaging discussion with Lynda H. LeBlanc of LeBlanc & Mulholland, LLC about parental alienation and how it impacts everyone involved.

Also joining the conversation are Laura Bare from Embark Collaborations, Angeline Schuller from New Vista Behavioral Health, and Olga Stambler from Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC.


About Laura

As a family law attorney at LeBlanc & Mulholland, LLC, located in Crown Point, Indiana, Lynda represents many men and women across the spectrum of life in Lake and Porter counties. She brings extensive experience in family law to her practice, and is known for her flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of working parents through the divorce process.

Lynda graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Law with a Concentration in Family Law and a Child and Family Advocacy Certificate. After accumulating valuable experience with several firms early in her career, Lynda opened her own practice in 2011.

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