Getting SplitReady Episode 19.1: Student Loans – The Ball and Chain That You Cannot Divorce

As of August of this year, student debt reached the staggering figure of $1.5 trillion. Impacting over 44 million Americans, the system is fraught with confusing rules and regulations that make determining the best payback options a Herculean task. So, what happens when student debt becomes part of the equation in a divorce? 

Join us for an engaging discussion with Laura Bare of Embark Collaborations on strategies and considerations for student debt during a divorce. 

Also joining the conversation are Angeline Schuller from New Vista Behavioral Health, Lynda H. LeBlanc from LeBlanc & Mulholland, LLC and Olga Stambler from Hurst, Robin & Kay, LLC. 


About Laura

Laura Veeneman Bare of Embark Collaborations is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. As part of the divorce process, she helps people figure out what an equitable split of assets and liabilities looks like, taking into consideration the ramification of decisions made now, five years out and 10 years out to make sure her clients are prepared for the future.

Laura has experience in mortgage lending and real estate sales, and is uniquely positioned to provide advice on the real estate issues that are frequently part of the divorce process. She takes a collaborative approach, working closely with other divorce professionals like mediators, family law attorneys and divorce coaches.

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