SplitReady Answers – How Can I Hide Divorce Planning?

How can I hide divorce planning and researching from my spouse? – Todd from Cleveland, OH

Great question! To approach keeping divorce planning a secret from your spouse,  you need to consider both the physical and digital aspects of your life.

Separate Physical Mail and Block GPS

You need to eliminate the possibility of receiving any direct mail or other items to your home. Do not give out your address under any circumstances. To avoid direct mail, you can directly communicate with any organizations to not send anything. A PO box can provide a way to surreptitiously receive mail.

Additionally, you need to manage your visits to businesses that are associated with divorce. In today’s ultra-connected world, phone, integrated car GPS and even electronic toll pass can show where you have been. As a result, you can either meet somewhere not associated with divorce or avoid face-to-face meetings until absolutely necessary. Also, ensure that you delete your GPS cache for any trips that you do not want anyone to have access to or better yet, completely turn off automatic tracking.

Clear Your Digital History and Create an Email

Emails are just like your physical address. Unlike a physical address, however, it is much more difficult to do any meaningful research without giving out an email and many times, the email needs to be valid to get the information. At SplitReady, we recommend creating a completely separate email address for the purpose of divorce planning. We recommend only using web-based email and not storing anything on your computer. For document storage it is best to use a separate, dedicated thumb drive.

Internet browsing is just like visiting a physical business, but just in the electronic world. Unlike actually driving around, however, it can actually be easier to cover your tracks. First and foremost, you should browse the internet with a virtual private network (VPN) and in incognito mode. The first will help prevent the internet from knowing you are visiting different sites. The second ensures there are no records stored on your computer. Additionally, clearing your browsing history and cache will make certain that you are covered.

On the SplitReady YouTube Channel, we have several helpful videos to assist you in masking your digital activity.

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