Getting SplitReady Episode 17.1: Good for the Soul — Spiritual Considerations in Divorce

In divorce, it’s not unusual for couples with strong religious or philosophical beliefs to find themselves in a facts-and-numbers driven divorce process that leaves little room for their spiritual needs. Unfortunately, a divorce that also involves a break from the spiritual or metaphysical connections that couples rely on can cause additional stress through the process and hamper healing after the divorce is finalized.

Join us for a conversation about the spiritual and metaphysical considerations during divorce with Theresa Beran Kulat from Trinity Family Law.

Also joining are Stephen Koh from Lenox Advisors, Karen Kalliel, clinical social working and therapist, and Jill Daniels from Jill Daniels Law.


About Theresa

As Founder and Lead Lawyer at Trinity Family Law since 2003, Theresa Beran Kulat is a pioneer in the field of Collaborative Process and works as a lawyer, mediator, and coach in the divorce space. An author and sought-after speaker, she has a gift of creating clarity in the face of confusion.

Theresa graduated cum laude from John Carroll University with an undergraduate degree in Economics and cum laude from the University of Illinois’ School of Law. In 2015, she was inducted into the McAuley Hall of Honor at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, her alma mater. She is a connector, bringing together a variety of wellness resources through her work with Trinity Collaboration, Inc.

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