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Child Support Cover Fees

Does Child Support Cover School Supplies and Fees? – Don from South Holland

The most simple answer to what does child support cover is food, shelter and clothing. What does it cover beyond that? The first step is what does it say in your agreement. Ideally, the child support agreement would cover, in great detail, school fees and supplies. The more issues you resolve during the divorce process, the less you have as potential landmines later. But what if it’s not? It varies from state to state. However, most divorce professionals agree the normal care of the kids includes school fees and supplies in child support. This is especially true if larger purchases, such as computers, calculators, or tablets are required.

However, try not to lose sight of the fact that these are your kids we are talking about. A good education is really important to most parents, but it comes with some extra costs. Gone are the days of heading back to school with some pens and a Trapper Keeper. Our district went back to school last week and my tally for school supplies and school fees, not including any extracurriculars, is a little over $500.

The reality is that back to school is an expensive time of year if you have kids. If you and your ex are struggling over this question, it might make sense to divide and conquer rather than just exchanging money. Either parent can take kids shopping with their list. Maybe one parent takes the school supplies list, the other orders a laptop from Amazon. You can be creative in how you divide expenses and still be fair.

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