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Nesting Co-Parenting After Divorce

What is nesting as co-parenting after divorce? – Jennifer in Indianapolis, IN

After divorce, kids can have a tough time. As they share time with both parents, they also get introduced to a new school, new home and new routine. Nesting is a unique and highly debated solution for divorcing couples with kids. Instead of the children going back and forth residences, nesting might be a co-parenting option after divorce. Nesting is where the children stay in a single residence and the parents rotate spending time in the home. In some cases, it is just for a short time to manage the initial shock of the divorce. In other cases, it can be for extended periods of time. This will ensure the children to have the most stable home life possible.

The specifics of a particular nesting plan depend on a lot of things ranging from the resources available to the post-divorce relationship of the parents. There is also the complexity of three living situations, but the benefits to the kids can overshadow the challenges. It does, however, take work. Scheduling and other parenting responsibilities are still required to properly co-parent after divorce.

In a huge set of options for co-parenting after divorce, nesting is just a single option. There may not be a single perfect solution, and, in the end, what works for you may be a combination of solutions. Children do best when they get to spend quality time with both parents – how you achieve that is really up to you.

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