Getting SplitReady Episode 16.3: Therapeutic Solutions – The Benefits of Counseling in Marriage and Divorce

While there are volumes of jokes about the challenges of marriage, matrimony is not always humorous. Married couples face a lot of obstacles to longevity and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, these relationship killers can end in separation and divorce. However, when properly addressed, many couples can better accept one another and remain together. Even when divorce happens, this understanding can assist divorced couples to successfully work together. The answer in many cases is to get a little help through therapy.

Therapy is defined as a treatment intended to relieve or heal. It is an amazing tool to understand the root of relationship issues to productively work through them. Unfortunately, therapy can also be associated with the stigmatized view that seeking help is a sign of mental illness or weakness and, as a result, couples avoid considering it. Our guest this episode has shown the value of therapy.

Join us for an amazing discussion with Joyce Marter on the benefits of therapy before, during and after marriage.

Also joining the discussion are Rachel Hernandez of Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC., Alec Blalock from John F. Baker Law, and Mark R. Machinic, CPA, CVA, MAFF, CDFA.

Joyce Marter Psycotherapist CEO Speaker

About Joyce Marter

Joyce Marter is a renowned psychotherapist, entrepreneur, CEO, national speaker, blogger and media contributor. She founded and grew Urban Balance, a counseling practice, in 2004 before selling the company in 2017. As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) for 21 years, the national keynote speaker has frequently featured in the media from CNN to MTV.

She loves helping people live their best life through her private practice. A yoga teacher, she credits her yoga practice of seven years to her work/life balance.

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