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Divorce Costs

How much does divorce cost? – Anne from Cincinnati, OH

That question is received with a common answer in divorce, it depends. We even joked about it on one of our podcast episodes. Because divorce is different for everyone, a divorce can literally cost anywhere from zero to several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How much does divorce cost in different states?

First, you have a filing fee which is a legal petition to end the marriage. If you and your spouse are in FULL agreement on everything and file all of the documents yourselves, you could pay just the filing fee. The least expensive state in divorce cost is probably Wyoming, with a filing fee of $70. The state of California is probably one of the most expensive with a filing fee of $435. However, ending a marriage usually involves one partner who is eager to leave while the other is not. When you involve a lawyer to compromise on both parties, the divorce cost increases. With California, possibly the most expensive average hourly attorney rate is $402.

Average Divorce Costs in the United States

The average hourly rate for an attorney in the U.S. is approximately $250, and they usually require a retainer (money up front) to begin the process. The average divorce in the United States, according to Nolo.com, is approximately $15,500. If you don’t agree on a lot of things, or contested, then a divorce costs more. Especially in areas with a higher cost of living, it is not uncommon for a divorce to cost double or triple that amount.

This question is one of the reasons we founded SplitReady. A good way to control costs in your divorce is to be prepared and do as much of the leg work yourself as possible. Gather your financial information, learn about parenting plans, understand as much as you can about your particular state laws regarding divorce, child support, and spousal maintenance. Your divorce doesn’t have to destroy your finances – take our assessment and get SplitReady.

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