Getting Split Ready Episode 9: Ala Carte Divorce – An Introduction to Unbundled Legal Services

We live in a time of unparalleled customization. From the choices of what to watch on TV to the set-up of the home screen on a phone, consumers demand the ability to manage their lives how they want. Divorce is no different and more and more couples are seeking ways to control the divorce process, control the costs and meet their desired objectives. Enter unbundled legal services or limited scope representation as it is sometimes called. Under this model divorcing individuals work with their attorney to clearly identify the scope of what the attorney will do and the related cost. When coupled with the available options for divorcing individuals to do their own research and planning, this can be a very powerful and cost effective option.

Join us for a discussion with Sandra Crawford about unbundled legal services as they relate to divorce.

About Sandra Crawford

Sandra Crawford is an experienced family law attorney who has helped families find workable solutions for more than 29 years. She is experienced in litigation and is also trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution, which offers families and separating couples different options for resolving issues around divorce, child custody, child support, civil union dissolutions and other issues.

Collaborative Law and mediation are cost-effective process options which allow clients to retain more control over the outcomes of their cases, than traditional court process. Ms. Crawford is a member of several collaborative law organizations and committees, including the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (which comprises 5,000 collaborative professionals worldwide). The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (which is the largest organization of trained Collaborative Law practitioners in Illinois), and the Illinois State Bar Association Section Council for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Ms. Crawford is also a respected family law professional who represents clients inside and outside the courtroom with professionalism and excellence. Whether you are seeking her help for a pre-nuptial agreement, a divorce, a child custody matter or a post-decree modification, Ms. Crawford will help you find the solution which best suits your needs, your budget and your unique family circumstances.

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