Getting Split Ready Episode 7: Surviving High Conflict Divorce

Statistics show that roughly 15% to 30% of divorces can be classified as high conflict. While this is a a minority of divorces, the ripple effect and collateral damage that high conflict divorces can cause far eclipses this. It is, therefore, essential to be able to understand and deal with high conflict divorce situations to minimize the impact that high conflict divorce can cause.

Join us for a great conversation with Colleen Honquest, a certified divorce coach and an expert in high conflict divorce. Colleen is also the founder of the The Divorce Coalition.


About Colleen Honquest


Colleen works with men and women throughout the divorce process by offering strategic planning and guidance. She specializes in dealing with High Conflict Divorce and difficult spouses. Colleen enables you to break down the path to filing for divorce into manageable steps. Colleen’s first priority is to help you get through all the preliminary steps and requirements before you walk into an attorney’s office. This makes you a better client and saves you a lot of money and time spent stressing about what you should be doing to prepare for the process.

In Colleen’s toolbox are the many lessons learned during her own high-conflict divorce as well as a close network of professionals with whom she can consult. Colleen knows that you must be prepared, because there is no emotional justice in the courtroom.

Contact Colleen so we she can get you started with a free 30-minute consultation. Let Colleen be your thinking-partner. She is not a therapist or a lawyer but she does offer a supportive, safe, discreet, and non-judgmental environment for you.


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