Divorce Mortgage Pro Rolls Out Real Estate and Mortgage Neutral Services

Divorce Mortgage Pro, a premier provider of mortgage knowledge and support for divorcing couples, is pleased to announce our new Real Estate Neutral and Settlement Support Services. This unique offering fills a current gap in the divorce marketplace through an unbiased approach to helping divorcing couples resolve questions regarding disposition of the marital home and for identifying options for a new start.

Previously, mortgage professionals were purely transactional with their compensation tied to the funding of a deal. As a result, advice and assistance were inexorably tied to a client applying for a loan. While many great bankers and brokers do provide free advice in an effort to earn the transaction, there is a natural limit to their resources and the advice can be impacted by this reality. With Real Estate Neutral and Settlement Support Services, We transcend the aforementioned transactional nature most often characteristic of the mortgage and real estate component of a divorce settlement elevating it to the level true professional support.

While still able to assist with a transaction, Divorce Mortgage Pros (DMP) can now act in a neutral, pay-for-service capacity where they are recused from the transaction and are, therefore, dis-incented to provide guidance solely for the purpose of winning the deal. Instead, DMPs are able to provide clients with the best advice for their specific situation. Divorcing couples can even leverage the experience and expertise of their Divorce Mortgage Pro when they have decided to use a lender without divorce mortgage lending expertise. This provides a win-win where the client can use any lender but they are still protected from making costly mistakes in their settlement and divorce decree.

Who We Are

Divorce Mortgage Pro was founded in 2017 to create a network of highly skilled lending professionals assembled to provide advice and support to divorcing clients and divorce professionals. By proactively engaging and empowering all of the parties, our Divorce Mortgage Pros help shape the settlement to best allow for a stable new start through providing a realistic and productive set of solutions for disposition of the marital home and for pre-approval for buying a new home when possible.

Our vision is to create a network of the best mortgage professionals who want to make divorce lending a viable part of their business and not just a deal here or there.

Our goal is to have a place where like-minded lenders can overcome the aforementioned challenges to efficiently engage the divorce market to help people.

Our mission is to minimize the impact of divorce on homeowners to ensure that they are able to get their best new start by helping them purchase or refinance a new home. We are not transactional. We are transformational. Our focus is the individual, their situation and their best outcome.

For more information, see www.divorcemortgagepro.com or contact us at info@divorcemortgagepro.com.

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