Divorce Readiness – A Virtual Panel Discussion – Meet the Panelists – Colleen Honquest

After a long and rewarding career in corporate sales, a truly radical and life-changing event led me to reconsider my priorities and vocation. A High Conflict Divorce ravaged my mind and body by stealing all my energy, focus, peace, and joy. After years in Family Court, I realized that there had to be a better way to go through the legal process of divorce.

I can help you navigate the divorce process and still maintain your productivity and sanity in your personal and professional life. Most importantly you will save money and your quality of life. After extensive research, I chose the Center for Divorce Coaching program to learn all I could to guide and lead others through the process. I received my Certified Divorce Coach accreditation in 2015.

I empower you to navigate your divorce and still maintain focus on the important areas of your life. My personal experience in the Family Court system is extensive. I will provide tools to diminish your stress.

I will help you get organized during the legal process and enable you to be more efficient as you work with your lawyers. My goal is to simplify one of life’s biggest stressors by bridging the gap between laypeople and lawyers.

Are you ready for your divorce?

Do you know how much a divorce can cost?

Do you know the options for divorcing your spouse?

What will you do with your home?

How will divorce impact your retirement?

These are just a few questions that you need answered if you are considering a divorce.

Join us for a virtual panel discussion with top divorce professionals to get the answers that you need.

Douglas Katz – Certified Divorce Lending Professional (Moderator)

Colleen Honquest – Certified Divorce Coach

Marya Carey Pleasant – Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner

JIll Daniels – Attorney

Chris Wesolowski – CPA


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