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No one walks down the aisle thinking about if their marriage will end. But it’s something nearly all of us will deal with at some point, whether it’s our parents’, our friends’, or our own marriage running its course. If you and your partner find yourselves in the position where staying married simply isn’t an option anymore, there are still major hurdles looming ahead—namely, the divorce process.

“There is nothing easy about getting divorced,” says Laura Wasser, attorney and founder of It’s Over Easy. “It is often one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, but I don’t think the legal process should make what is already a devastating, emotional event unnecessarily burdensome.” After 23 years practicing family law (and representing clients like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and Maria Shriver, to name a few…), Wasser decided it was time to make part of the process easier. Everyone is already shopping, banking, and dating online, and Wasser saw an opportunity to bring divorce into the 21st century by creating a more streamlined divorce process that fits into couples’ lifestyles, and that’s when It’s Over Easy was born. Yes, you can now get divorced online.

It’s Over Easy serves two purposes. First and foremost, it’s a platform that breaks divorce down into five steps, helping you fill out forms, file petitions, and reach a mutual agreement with your spouse to help you get from “married” to “divorced” without paying exorbitant hourly fees for a divorce attorney or muddling through forms you don’t understand. The full process is currently only available in California and New York, but additional states will be rolling out through 2018 (and the platform can still help you get set up for success, no matter what state you’re in).

Second, the site is an incredible resource for couples going through the divorce process, no matter where they’re located. “No one likes to talk about divorce, but there is so much more to it than simply signing the papers,” says Wasser. “We have tons of content that ranges from getting back out there and dating to celebrating the holidays with your ex and your children. Even if you’re not ready to get divorced, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the process and with post-divorce life.” There is also a state-by-state provider directory for any hand-holding you might need along the way. “We’ve put together a list of recommended professionals in a wide range of fields, from mental health professionals and co-parenting specialists to where to get a spray tan when you’re ready to start dating again,” Wasser continues.

Who is it for?

It’s Over Easy is a platform for couples seeking an uncontested divorce, with or without children. “Our users are most often couples in their late 30’s and early 40’s, or with young families, going through a more amicable divorce” says Wasser. “It’s a couple that knows they’ll still be seeing one another in the future, who want to be good ex-partners even if they didn’t work out as a married couple.” Most often, it’s a couple with children that doesn’t want to spend the entire college fund on lawyers—instead, they want to be able to ask their ex-partner if they can pick their kid up from soccer because they have a date that night. “It’s a couple that knows they’re still a family, even if they aren’t married anymore,” says Wasser.

How does it work?

It’s Over Easy offers three different plan levels, all of which are way more affordable than a traditional divorce lawyer. “Our goal is to keep the financial aspect cost-effective,” says Wasser. “We offer add-ons so each couple can tailor the service to what works best for them.”

  1. The Basic Plan (from $750, plus fees) gives you access to the platform and provider directory, helping you fill out all the necessary paperwork and easily download it all for submission.

  2. The Pro Plan (from $1500. plus fees) includes the platform, will file forms with the court on your behalf, and includes 30 minutes of consultation with a specialist to help you through any sticky or confusing parts of the process.

  3. The Premium Plan (from $2500, plus fees) includes 90 minutes of consultation, as well as email support, and includes filing forms for you and your partner.

There’s also advice and assistance built right in. The last time you bought a complicated appliance, did you read the massive users manual? No. You headed to YouTube to watch someone show you how it works. Wasser made sure It’s Over Easy featured that same quick, easy-to-understand advice to make completing complicated forms a breeze. “There are pop-ups throughout the site that walk you through the form and offer advice based on what state you’re filing in,” she explains. And if you get stuck, there’s always help. With the Pro or Premium plans, you’ve got access to a mediator or divorce coach built in. For the basic plan (or if you need more than those 30 or 90 minutes), that’s where the directory of providers comes in handy.

How should a couple get started?

We all cringed when Jack Berger dumped Carrie Bradshaw via Post-It on Sex and the City, so hopefully it goes without saying that text and Facebook aren’t the way to start a divorce—and neither is an invitation to It’s Over Easy. “You can start the process on your own before inviting your partner (and will benefit from having gotten yourself organized), but as with any divorce, it’s all about communication,” Wasser says. “Have an open and in-depth conversation with your partner. Now is the time to master the communication you may not have been good at during your marriage.” Start talking in person, and turn to a coach or counselor if you need extra mediation, then use It’s Over Easy to help you work for the legal jargon while you’re busy working on the emotional aspect.

And remember, divorce isn’t the end. “My goal is to help couples go through their divorce in a way that allows them to move on to the next chapter of their lives,” says Wasser. “You will be okay. Your kids will be okay. You might even get married again. If It’s Over Easy can play even a small role in helping you come out of this with a little less stress and anxiety, the site is working. So many of us are going through this, so why shouldn’t it be a little bit easier—at least in the legal sense?”

Source: Make Divorce a Little Less Painful With “It’s Over Easy” | Brides

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