Reasons for divorce: Snoring, fishing and going vegetarian top the list

SNORING, fishing and going vegetarian are now among the most popular grounds for divorce in modern Britain, a study has shown. Divorcing couples are pushing the definition of “unreasonable behaviour” to the limit by giving ever more imaginative reasons for splitting.

Lawyers say snoring is one of the most-cited reasons for divorce.  As well as snoring and fishing, couples also cite going to the gym too much, refusing to give up smoking, disagreeing over Brexit and spending too much time on the phone as grounds for divorce.

The study comes after Louise Redknapp cited “unreasonable behaviour” for the reason behind her divorce from ex-footballer husband Jamie.

Leading law firm Gorvins, said that in the past money problems or drinking too much would define “unreasonable behaviour” but in recent years the goal posts have moved.

Nicola McInnes, head of family law, said: “What we’re finding now is that this umbrella term is being used to cover a whole range of often unexpected reasons for divorce.

“One pattern which seems to be emerging is that a change in lifestyle by one party triggers disgruntlement in the other.

“So we’re hearing from a lot of clients about the fact their partner has become a fanatical cyclist or has started going to the gym every day, being fussy about food – maybe becoming vegetarian or giving up dairy and gluten – seems to be another aggravating factor.”


1. Partner’s illness

2. Snoring

3. Going to the gym too much

4. Being ungrateful for all the work their partner does

5. Being hopeless with money

6. Disagreement over respective politics

7. Food fanaticisms

8. Fishing

9. Sex – either not enough, being offered too much, or loss of interest

10. Suspicion other party messing around

11. One partner wants to travel, the other doesn’t

12. The party puts their mother before their spouse

13. Spending too much time online or on the phone

14. Not helping with children

15. Refusing to to give up smoking

Source: Reasons for divorce: Snoring, fishing and going vegetarian top the list

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